A Pro Bowl coincidence, Raiders had a guy named Lorenzo Alexander too

A Pro Bowl coincidence, Raiders had a guy named Lorenzo Alexander too

During some in-depth, extensive research for today’s crucial 2017 Pro Bowl matchup, I may have discovered something startling.  Buffalo Bills, Pro Bowl pass rusher, Lorenzo Alexander, bares no relation to the 2015 Raiders player of the same name.  I feel very confident about this, as the unrelenting investigative journalist that I pride myself to be, I even went as far as searching him on wikipedia and no mention of any similarly named family members.

Case closed, no chance they’re related.

As for Lorenzo Alexander the Raider, pretty sure he’s out of the league as I haven’t heard a thing of what has become of our backup linebacker.  Why we even signed the 9 year vet (who had never reached 3 sacks in a season) is beyond me?  Just a wasted roster spot with no upside potential.

Turns out the Bills Lorenzo Alexander is the one we should have signed.

Can you imagine having a 12.5 sack getting monster, opposite Khalil Mack?  That’s more than the Raiders version of Lorenzo Alexander had in his nine years combined!

I really don’t get Reggie McKenzie sometimes. Perhaps he meant to sign the one, and didn’t realize there was another player with the same name?  That could be possible, maybe the rolodex cards got stuck together?

Despite this massive blunder of mistaken identity, Reggie McKenzie has done a fine job of unearthing gems.  I’m willing to let this one slide, but perhaps we should take some precautions and double check the books?  I’m certain this isn’t the only mix-up on the roster, we need to act fast before another team signs the real Ben Heeney.

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