Raiderforums gets a makeover

Raiderforums gets a makeover

I realize maybe just one or two of you might be reading this, the blog is new, and I’ve been away the last couple weeks working on getting the new forum set up before launching it today.  That’s not even including the fact that I’m not very  entertaining to start with but I enjoy writing about things that interest me and the Raiders happen to be that.

Some might like it, but I imagine most people despise change otherwise the average marriage would last a year and our underwear wouldn’t have holes in it.  The new site is a lot of give and take.  We’re losing some features, but gaining much needed performance.  I wrote a few times about it recently, here’s the gist:

No more beatwriter cam and gif smiley’s.

A mobile responsive site which is a big upgrade over our previous scaled down mobile version.

For those who are into the visual aspect of a site, I think you’ll really like the improvements.  Raiderforums has always been about content and in that department we have the best members you could ever have for a site like ours, but little things can make a difference as well and I hope we can continually provide a nice place to spend a little time when you’re bored at work and trying to escape from nagging at home.

For those who are unhappy about it, don’t be shy to pm me, if there’s something I can add or change, I’m happy to consider it.

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