Oakland Trolls can go tuck themselves

Oakland Trolls can go tuck themselves

I’ve never much been into the whole fan police gig, but some idiots just have no concept of what Charles Woodson means to this organization.

This actually happened yesterday

So let’s get this straight  

The same folks who told us the team wouldn’t be allowed to move because of TV market size, are now saying that Howie Long and Charles Woodson, two ex-players who work for major TV networks, are selling out, to promote a smaller TV market?  Hmmm…

Woodson with the blindside blitz

Telling the GOAT to wake up, but you don’t bother to check for an Adam’s apple?

Show some respect.

This is getting absurd.  Howie Long, Charles Woodson, Cliff Branch, Rich Gannon…all sellouts because they don’t support Libby’s lies?  They’ll take the word of a politician over legends who gave everything they had to the silver and black.  The team is leaving, acting like petulant children only validates the move.  Insults don’t make us feel sympathetic towards your plight, they make us enjoy your inevitable loss.

We’d have been thrilled to see the city work with Mark to get this resolved. I go to games in Oakland, have a great time in Oakland, and won’t support the team any more, or any less after they move to Vegas.

Above everything, most of us just want the Raiders on an even playing field with the 31 other teams. Any situation that helps our owner financially, is going to help the team. One thing nobody can dispute about the Davis family, they invest their profit back into the team. The more profit, the better our facilities, scouting, coaching etc…

Why this fan has become pro-Las Vegas

Last year, Mayor Libby submitted a 5 page proposal to the league, it basically told us all, the Raiders won’t be staying in Oakland. I liked the idea of Los Angeles because there’s roots there, selfishly, it’s close to me, and it’s a large market that could generate huge money. Above Los Angeles, I prefer Las Vegas because my belief is that it will be the most fun you could ever have on a weekend trip to see the Raiders. We’ll instantly become the most popular team west of Dallas. I don’t see an overwhelming flood of visiting fans because I’m quite confident that Raider Nation will be making the trip consistently in deep numbers. Most importantly, I’m pro-Vegas because if it fails, the alternatives are less appealing.

San Diego, although close to me, probably won’t bend over backwards like the SNTIC just did and offer a less dynamic game day experience.

San Antonio may give an arm and leg to have an NFL team, but in no way would that experience come close to what we’ll see each Sunday in Las Vegas.

I also love the fact that Vegas will become a Raiders town. Vegas is my preferred weekend getaway (when we can get a babysitter), thoughts of bars littered with Raiders neon lights, Carr and Mack jerseys framed on the walls, yeah, I could handle that. A hard rock styled Raiders museum to take the kids to before hitting up the Cesar’s buffet and heading out to see some crazy ass magician perform. I’m into the whole idea and if it offends anyone, then that’s a you-problem, not a me problem because your emotions are based on a fantasy that the city is working to save the team. My perspective is that the team has already left and now it’s just a matter of deciding where they land.

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