Mark Davis all in on ‘Raiders of Las Vegas’

Mark Davis all in on ‘Raiders of Las Vegas’

Mark Davis continues to pile up the Southwest Airlines frequent flyer miles. On Friday night, the most hated man in Oakland was soaking up the adulation from the city trying to swoop in and claim the Raiders as their own.

Speaking to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Davis was asked if he’d bail on the Sin City should Oakland step up:

“No, I would not, and I’ve made that clear,”

“The opportunity came up in Las Vegas, and we’re giving it full bore. This is not a pawn in a game. We are serious.”

And why shouldn’t he?  From broken promises by Mayor Quan, to imaginary Saudi Princes, Oakland seems to do just enough to stall the inevitable.  Mark needs a long term situation and realizes that dealing with Vegas mobsters is less risky than stepping into the ring with California politicians.

Davis continued:

“The main thing is finding out if the public contribution is going to be there,” Davis said. “Whatever private money is needed, we’ll come up with that.”

Mark is learning the Vegas method so quickly I’m starting to get a little worried regarding what those PSL’s are going to set us back (I’m about a 3 hour drive so it’s manageable if he doesn’t put the screws to us).

In a state with legal prostitution, Mark is finding convenience in being the NFL whore.

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