4 more years of Reggie McKenzie is a wonderful thing.

4 more years of Reggie McKenzie is a wonderful thing.

Last night we got tucked into bed with the report that Mark Davis had announced Reggie McKenzie signing a 4 year extension.

Unless you follow the Raiders by only checking the win/loss column, you should be elated at this news.

The Raiders record under McKenzie has been dreadful, one of the worst you’ll find if scanning the first 4 years of a General Managers tenure (18-46 if the math in my head is correct).

Mark Davis isn’t rewarding McKenzie for wins, what Reggie has done is much tougher than winning games. McKenzie has changed the narrative in Oakland. He’s changed the culture, the identity of the team and given hope to players, fans and anyone involved in the organization. Any GM can sacrifice two or three years of the future to win a couple extra games this year (Jeff Ireland anyone?). It wasn’t too long ago that the Raiders put together a couple .500 seasons, trading highly valued draft picks, bringing in big money vets, major mid-season trades. Reggie took the blame from guys like Mike Silver who accused the GM of dismantling a championship team on the rise. Silver believed that McKenzie was a fool for not giving in to Hue’s demand for increased power over the franchise. Silver gloated and tormented Raider Nation with each loss, always reminding us what could have been if the great Hue Jackson was around to lift us up to Super Bowl contenders.

Suddenly Silver and his cohorts are echoing a different tune…

Now signed until 2020, it’s certainly fun to imagine what 4 more drafts could yield. It certainly won’t be as easy selecting at the bottom of round 1, but if our future first round picks were the likes of Carr, Gabe Jackson, Mario Edwards Jr, Clive Walford…who would really be complaining? Good drafting, solid free agent signings, stability behind the scenes, that’s a winning formula in the NFL, but if it’s so easy, how come every GM doesn’t do it? It’s not easy at all, very few can do it, and we have 5 more years of Reggie McKenzie, who is proving he is one of the hand full that can.

It’s a great time to be a Raiders fan, it’s been a long 14 years, but the Autumn wind has awaken and it’s swaggering boisterously.

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