Writer vs Vlogger in a showdown for the ages

Writer vs Vlogger in a showdown for the ages

In the red corner, a writer whose daily training regimen of battling the Oakland natives has him well prepared for this bout.  Traveling all the way from Los Angeles, representing the LA Daily News: Vincent “Always Persistent” Bonsignore.

In the blue corner, a man so innovative he had to make up a word a describe his own work.  Big enough to take on Roger Goddell, yet small enough to fit in the mayors pocket.  Zennie “in a vlog-o baby” Abraham.

Zennie has become the white knight to anyone who refuses to believe that the Raiders might leave Oakland. In fairness, Zennie’s side could be completely validated if just one of the local writers would collaborate his info, unfortunately they’re too busy covering the A’s 16 games back and the Warriors whom are playing golf the next 3 months(if they can stay out of jail, cough…Draymond…cough).

Depending on which side you want to believe, it’s either very close, or about to be buried in the desert and forgotten.  Here’s where the two sides are battling it out (and tweets posted as images so nobody can throw in the towel and delete them later).



So this is either damn close, or a pipe dream.  There was more to the back and forth, but this where it gets fun:


The only thing missing was the “I know you are, but what I am?”

Finally, the olive branch is extended:


Screenshot (203)

If you say so Zennie, but I hope you guys live tweet the argument over who pays the bill.

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