Well San Diego, that escalated quickly

Well San Diego, that escalated quickly

I haven’t had the stomach to even process the idea of Raiders in San Diego.  Like fast growing weeds, ignored until they’re overgrown, I’m finally forced to give thought to the nauseating disco music edited to the catchy phrase of “San-D-A-Go Super Raaaaiders”.

It’s been no secret that Mark loves the city of San Diego.  In an interview last year with Kawakami, he was gushing at the mention of extending the Raiders second home game into a full-time gig.  That was before the Raiders owner was kidnapped and taken out to the desert, where Vegas mobsters silenced the ridiculous idea.

With Sin City on the rocks, and the Raiders considering other real estate options, the San Diego idea is picking up steam.

“I think the Raiders are in play in San Diego”

Feb 6, 2017 – Peter King MMQB

I’m going to give Davis the benefit of the doubt on this one.  Anyone with Mark’s (lack of)style, pulling Penthouse babes on Saturday night – should have little problem getting a city to build a stadium.  The real problem with the San Diego theory, is lack of time.  It’s just so late in the game, I’ve got to think Vegas closes the deal before San Diego ever gets close to laying out a serious plan.

The only real chance of a potential San Diego Raiders marriage would be through a private group coming together to fund and guarantee a situation ensuring the Raiders make out like the pirates that we are.

Maybe there is a chance?

Tuesday Afternoon, San Diego AM sports station,  Mighty 1090 host, Scott Kaplan, teased that he had obtained a letter to Mark Davis written by a prominent San Diego businessman.

After a few breaks to squeeze every bit of ad potential from the story, Scott read the letter on air.

Here’s what the letter offered to Mark Davis:

  • Letter claimed to be from an investor with cooperation from political powers in San Diego
  • Prepared to offer Raiders a new 70k seat stadium, requiring no vote from the public
  • Raiders would use the same 500 million (plus additional 100 million from league), towards this San Diego venue.
  • Raiders would become primary tenant with attractive lease
  • Stadium would collapse to 40k for SDSU, and 30K for MLS
  • Offer to upgrade current stadium while construction is ongoing

Here’s the broadcast for anyone interested.

Sounds promising until you sift through the bullshit.

Why would this businessman need to be anonymous?

Why would he send a letter to an AM station and not to Davis or Badain directly?  Anyone with clout to put hundreds of millions together, should easily have the connections to get a phone call or meeting with the Raiders.

Considering that, I have very little confidence that Kaplan isn’t completely full of shit.  Next thing you know, he’s going to try to convince us that Ronnie Lott’s group should be taken seriously.

In this stadium saga, nothing surprises me any more.

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