The good news…it could be worse…

The good news…it could be worse…

Last night the Raiders arrived at Lambeau Field ready to assert themselves as the AFC playoff contender we’ve all been told they were going to be. One problem though…the Green Bay backups had something to say about that.

The offense was flat and unable to execute. The defense was thoroughly abused by the thundering Eddie Lacy. Backup QB’s were playing the role of Aaron Rodgers to perfection. Overall, it was about as bad as we could expect a team to look in a preseason game (although the scoreboard must have been drunk because there’s no way that 20-12 score could be correct).

The good news: At least Khalil Mack wasn’t hanging out with Ryan Lochte last week right?

The other good news: The best thing that can happen in a preseason game is escaping free of injury and the Raiders did exactly that. I’ve also got to remind myself that it was just a preseason game. The 2005 Raiders looked great in the preseason, how’d that work out?

The Raiders have their work cut out for them, but it’s not all gray skies.

On to some good things so I don’t have to start my Friday drinking early.

Darius Latham: The undrafted DT from Indiana is looking like he’s going to make the team. The 6’5″, 300 pounder was constantly in the Green Bay backfield causing all sorts of problems for whoever was trying to (unsucessfully) block him.

Khalil Mack: Jason Spriggs, welcome to the NFL.

Jano and King: When all else fails, Raiders fans have their kickers to fall back on.

That’s really not all, there was some other positives to take away from Thursday night (just not enough of them). The defensive secondary looks night and day compared to last year. Sean Smith looks like a more physical Nnamdi Asomugha, and Karl Joseph made a great stop on a goaline run, showing the physicality that prompted the Raiders to select him with the 14th pick. Speaking of draft picks, Connor Cook also showed some nice poise and considering that Matt McGloin was horrific, Cook may soon find himself active on game days as the number 2 behind Derek.

That’s all I’ve got, I don’t want to think about this game any longer, on to the Titans who are more than capable of washing away this stench as the Raiders make their home debut of 2016.

Preseason football sure is fun.

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