Keeping Joe Mixon away from Andy Reid

Keeping Joe Mixon away from Andy Reid

As kids, we all did some dumb shit that we now regret.  As good fortune has it, we didn’t grow up under constant surveillance – once I stole a bowling bowl to see what would happen if launched down a steep road lined with cars and houses — that might have been tough to explain.  Fortunately, for humanity’s sake, not many of us can top Joe Mixon’s 2014 when he assaulted a woman in an Oklahoma restaurant.

This video is graphic, but in order to present a fair case, you’ve got to see it.

OK, case closed, take him off the draft board, this isn’t the type of person Mark Davis would allow to represent the Silver and Black.

Most of us are well aware of Mark’s policy on domestic violence, for those who are not – from the horse’s mouth, discussing the Greg Hardy situation:

“I’ve said I’d rather be right than be consistent, but in this situation, I’m going to say that consistency is the most important.”


Now, I’ve thought about this plenty, Mixon could certainly help this team, but maybe one of the most important reasons to consider drafting him, isn’t what he would bring to the Raiders, but the fact that we need to keep him away from that ass faced Andy Reid – at all costs.  The Raiders haven’t won a division title in 14 years, if giving Mixon a second chance can put us over the top, then I’d definitely understand if Mark turned a blind eye towards a really ugly episode in this young mans life.

In 2016, Kansas City took a kid who had been arrested and accused of punching and choking his pregnant girlfriend.  That kid was Tyreek Hill, and Raiders fans get to look forward to him now abusing us for the next 5 or 6 years.  Putting Mixon and Hill together might as well just give KC the AFC West crown for 5 years, no defense is going to stop that pairing.

Mixon is not your ordinary talent, he’s good, he’s really really good.  

I decided to pull up some of his cut-up’s from draftbreakdown and put together some highlights for this blog.  Turns out, I only needed to use the first game I clicked on.  These are just from the Texas Tech game.

Yeah, I could see Carr making use of that ability.

Thinking of replacing Murray’s one cut ability?  There ya go Reggie.

Not the type of running you see very often.

Gif has a 10 second max run time, but you can imagine how that play finished.

Hands like a receiver.

Elite ability to accelerate.

Reminds me of that bowling ball I was telling you about earlier.

I don’t expect the Raiders will draft Mixon, in fact, I’d be shocked to even know he’s on our board, but if he had a clean background, he might be the first RB off the board.  Due to his violation, the NFL has banned Mixon from this years combine activities.  Because of that, I think he’ll be a day two pick, if the Raiders want him, I think they’d have to take him in the 2nd round.

As far as backlash that could follow, it’s minor compared to the praise we’d get in a Super Bowl appearance.  During the countless Sports Center top plays, I don’t remember Van Pelt mentioning Tyreek’s past each time he ran back a kickoff (and in the process, made teams look foolish for passing on him round after round).  The video footage is admittedly very damning, but it could be his future video footage that puts it behind him.

Hopefully, that future video footage of Mixon is in black and white.  Make that silver and black and white.

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