Runaway Tay Train

Runaway Tay Train

On Sunday, Raiders fans received a glimpse into the future when impending free agent Latavius Murray bid farewell to Raider Nation.

Sure, it’s possible Murray was just there to innocently work out with Wentz.

Perhaps he prefers to runs routes (on wet grass) in sneakers?

Children of the 80’s are about to get a thrilling Alf reference.

One of those is Eagles QB, Carson Wentz.

If you weren’t paying attention a few weeks ago, GM Reggie McKenzie warned us this was coming.


Discussing Murray

…But the finances will always play a part, you never know there’s 31 other teams who will be communicating to his representatives, we’ll see where it goes…

The message in Murray’s post is unmistakably clear.  This wasn’t a friendly stroll in the rain with a player (who happens to shares the same agent).  This was calculated as a shot across the bow, most likely set up by said agent.  If I had to guess, I think Murray probably wishes to stay in Oakland, but realizes the money is elsewhere.  Think of a girlfriend using jealousy to gain leverage because she simply desires more attention.  Murray sees the writing on the wall, he knows McKenzie values running backs less than Mark Davis values hair salons.

The train has left the station, next stop, anywhere but Oakland.

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