Reggie McKenzie was made for this job

Reggie McKenzie was made for this job

I’ve been accused of being a homer at times, rightfully so, I’ll never be confused with an unbiased observer, but in this unique circumstance, I foresaw what I thought (and hoped) would happen. Let me explain my rationale for why we knocked it out of the park Thursday and Friday.

Reggie operates under the Ron Wolf method. It’s where he learned the trade, and many of the moves he makes, align exactly with said philosophy. Raiders fans are familiar with Ron Wolf, we should be, he was a Raider and much of his outlook was devised from working under Al Davis.

During Al’s tenure, there were 3 certainties we could always count on. A coach getting shit-canned for screwing up a championship roster, a lawsuit against the greedy scum that is the NFL, and a first round cornerback each April.

If there was ever a chance to lock down one side of the field, Al was going to do what it took to secure that player. Ron Wolf adapted a similar strategy, drafting more corners in the first round than any other position. Subsequently Reggie McKenzie has now drafted 2 corners out of 4 first round draft picks.

There could never be any person more fitting to announce Raiders draft picks than legendary cornerback Willie Brown. Likewise, there could never be a General Manager more fitting of stepping in for the legendary Al Davis, then Reggie McKenzie.

Here’s why I love it:

Clearly, the talent in this draft was heavily tilted toward defensive backs. By using a first round pick on Conley, McKenzie got a premiere player at a position he values over most others. With a historic run on DB’s under way, he left early from work and beat the rush hour traffic. While other GM’s decided to wait until round 2, only to see DB after DB get taken off the board, McKenzie, as usual, was a step ahead.

It makes perfect sense. McKenzie knows what he’s doing. Raiders fans need to stop doubting the 2016 executive of the year, he’s got this.

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