Raiders sign Patterson, is Peterson next?

Raiders sign Patterson, is Peterson next?

Monday night, the Raiders signed All-Pro kick returner (slash WR, slash RB, slash gunner, slash WMD) Cardel make that, Cordarrelle Patterson to a two year deal which can be voided into a one year deal.  The terms of the contract are unclear, but one certainty is that it was on a bargain level low enough to allow the Raiders to buy an extra vowel or two.

Let’s get this out of the way:  C-O-R-D-A-R-R-E-L-L-E

It might be wise to learn this one soon because indications could signal an increased role in the Derek Carr led attack.  The Raiders QB is as good as any at finding the open receiver, if Cordalle, I mean Cordarrelle -can get in tune with Carr, he will eat in this Raiders offense.

Patterson fell out of favor in Minnesota after Norvell decided to feature him during  2015 – Adrian Peterson’s year long suspension.  Patterson’s versatility as a WR was not on par to succeed as the first option and teams easily put the clamps down on him.  In 2016, under a lesser role, he found some success, hauling in 52 receptions as Sam Bradfords #2 option behind Diggs.

Patterson is not the deep threat you would expect from the big play returner, rather, most of his damage is done on short routes where YAC brings out the natural ability to find open grass.  With Cooper also able to make defenders miss, this could be a nice opportunity to take some pressure off Carr and move the chains without having to constantly make those tough throws.

Patterson should be the #3 WR in Oakland

Considering Carr’s involvement in signing Carderrele, errr, Cordarrelle, I think we’ll finally get our dream of reduced playing time for Seth Drop-erts (also not the correct spelling but I can never get that one right).

Time to steal a page from Andy Reid

Forced to deal with Tyreek Hill twice a year, the Raiders staff knows quite well the head spinning effect he had on our discombobulated defense.  The shifts, fake hand-offs, reverse patterns, squirting us with water from that god damn flower — time to deploy operation: Copy KC.  I’m not convinced we go this route, and do not feel that Patterson is the weapon that Hill is, but I do feel that he could be very effective in this type of role.  I wouldn’t feature it as prominently as Reid does because I don’t think it’s necessary with a QB as efficient as Carr, but it’s an extra wrinkle that opposing teams would be forced to prepare for and that’s never a bad thing.

What we do know

The certainty in this move is the acquisition of the league’s top kickoff returner.

For anyone who remembers the Raiders match up against Minnesota in 2015 (yes I was there suffering in the stands watching this), you might remember Patterson’s end of the half gut wrencher turning the tide for the Vikings.

Not limiting himself to returning kicks, Patterson has become a force at running them down as well.

Patterson’s development as a gunner, could finally mean the end of the Taiwan Jones era.

Prior to free agency kicking off, my hope was that McKenzie would not miss the opportunity to cash in on the opportunity to exploit the benefits of a franchise QB – namely, bringing in a young WR needing a prove it deal to cash in that future paycheck.  Patterson made the smart move signing with the Raiders, if there was ever a team that could maximize what he offers, it’s one with a quarterback like Carr.  On the other side, the Raiders made a smart move getting a cheap #3 option with upside to cause some real headaches for defensive coordinators forced to scheme against a Cooper-Crabtree-Patterson trio.

This is a great move for the Raiders, one that ensures the offense continues to trend upwards towards challenging Atlanta for that top spot.  There’s still work to be done, but even as it stands now, the O is going to be a fun sight to behold.  Now if only the Defensive X’s and O’s can become more consistent than the spelling of Cordarrelle – this team could be the one to challenge New England and extract that revenge 16 years in the making.

With Patterson signed sealed and delivered, the Raiders can focus on bringing in a few players to shore up DT and ILB.  You hear that Reggie?  DT and ILB.  That’s DT and ILB.  You know, two positions that Adrian Peterson can not help us at.

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