Prince Amukamara definitely not headed to Oakland

Prince Amukamara definitely not headed to Oakland

UPDATE – 3/10

Amukamara as expected, signs with a team other than the Raiders.


Ever check your twitter mentions and see a notification from a 6 month old tweet? You find it’s a like from a half naked, sex thirsty, Russian model with a bio advertising she’s “looking for the right man”.

I get a few a week, and no, I’m not Brad Pitt.

Most of us just disregard these, but beware:

Somewhere some poor pathetic Chiefs fan disregarded this warning and now thinks he’s sending money to the Ukranian Megan Fox.

A blog writer claiming to have a “source” is the next most common scam you see these days, and I try not to ever play that game.  We are not reporters, nobody tells us anything in advance, and anyone claiming to know free agent news before National guys covering the NFL is hoping to gain credibility through educated guessing (otherwise disappearing until next year when they can try again).

A few years back, Raiders fans were catfish’d by another Prince (of the Saudi variety), during the failed Coliseum City venture.  Is it possible lightning could strike twice?

The other day I was given a tidbit that I’m skeptical of, but will keep an open mind regarding.

The info:

Prince Amukamara will end up in Oakland.

It wouldn’t be the worst pickup for the Raiders secondary.  Prince is a decent player, still young enough to offer some upside at 27.  He doesn’t necessarily fill the need for a slot corner (he’s mostly played outside), but Amerson has some versatility to shift over if needed.

Why should we believe this info?

We shouldn’t.  I don’t know anything about the source, it was a PM I got on raiderforums (for those who just wandered upon this blog, that’s a forum I admin).  I haven’t written anything in a week and don’t like to regurgitate what everyone else is writing about.

…but there is this:

And yes Derek is following him as well.

The Vegas Golden Knights thing is also interesting to see, Prince went to High School in Glendale AZ, a short drive from the Raiders future desert home.

I don’t feel like researching this too much more, it is Prince Amukamara for crying out loud.  If it had been Calais Campbell I’d be digging through the trashcan on his curb for possible evidence — not gonna get too worked up over this.

I wouldn’t expect a huge splash from the Raiders this free agent season, but I do think someone like Amukamara is likely to be the type of player this team attracts.  A few mid-tier guys like this, and the Raiders can feel good about their chances to compete for a Super Bowl in 2017.  This team is very close and veteran players see an appealing destination to compete for a championship with two of the best young players in football.  The other reason I chose to discuss Prince Amukamara is because anything is better than the growing possibility of Adrian Peterson in silver and black.  There’s a pretty good possibility that a future post is going to feature myself sick to my stomach having to write about that dreaded outcome.

Stay tuned.

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