Powered by Kelce tears, Raidersdigest back from hiatus

Powered by Kelce tears, Raidersdigest back from hiatus

After 5 months of a unrelenting work and fighting a school district over our sons education, I decided I needed a little personal time to escape reality with a subject matter which is much more enjoyable than the rest of the daily grind.  I don’t expect anyone to notice, but this blog will now be back in operation on a (near) daily basis moving forward.

Similar to Raiderforums.com, this is a non-profit, ad free zone, with only the intention to get some Raiders thoughts off my chest.  One day there will be more writers, hopefully much better than I, but until then, I’ll be here to hopefully entertain or inform on something you may (or may not) care about.

I imagine this should be a memorable offseason.  From expectations in 2017 to the impending relocation which should forever change the landscape of this franchise, there’s not a better time to kick this off.

Feel free to stop by every once in a while to scan through my ramblings, every once in a while, there’ll be a functioning comment section, and some features I plan to add in the future.  If you’re not already a member at raiderforums, then get your ass in gear and sign up, you’re missing out on the best online Raiders community in the world.

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