Pittsburgh, the Raiders and another Mexican Standoff

Pittsburgh, the Raiders and another Mexican Standoff

Yesterday, the long rumored 2017 Mexico City game versus New England was declared official.  Yay for our 7 home game competitive disadvantage.

Here’s the email the Raiders sent out to Season Ticket Holders.

Whispers through the grapevine had suggested the Raiders would play a game each season for 3 years at Azteca stadium in Mexico City.  That prophecy looks to be likely fulfilled and of course, Pittsburgh would love to have that neutral site away game with the Raiders.


“We have thrown our name in the hat,” said Rooney, pointing out the NFL and Mexico agreed to play one game each year from 2016-18 with the potential for more games beyond that time frame. “I don’t know how quickly that will happen…We think we’ll be on that schedule one of these years but we have not been given any time frame so far.”


And just guess who happens to be on the Steelers 2018 schedule?  Yep, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post otherwise.

Win or lose, giving up a home game is never good for the Raiders.  Even if we leave Mexico with a check in the win column, it’s miles traveled, under grueling high altitude conditions, it’s a disadvantage any way you slice it.  If the Raiders are the designated team of Mexico City, then the years should alternate as home and away.

A Mexican Standoff is a confrontation which can not result in a positive outcome without intervention — that’s exactly what Mexico City has become for the Raiders.


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