Move over PF Changs, make room for Hooters

Move over PF Changs, make room for Hooters

Over the weekend someone must have finally told Mark Davis that he’s majority owner of a billion dollar company.  Prior to that moment, I don’t think he had a damn clue of what large sums of money were capable of.

Times have changed.

Meet Miss Taylor.

That’s former Playboy and Penthouse model, Sandra Taylor, hanging off Mark’s arm at Saturday night’s NFL awards banquet.

I didn’t think he had it in him, but ole dog is learning new tricks.

Here’s Sandra back in her younger days (although not too hard on the eyes at 50 either).

A little more background on Mark’s newest freaky lady:


The genius in Mark Davis, is what so many fail to see.  I got to admit, the thought of driving a Dodge Caravan around isn’t too appealing to someone like myself, but for Mark Davis, the shaggin’ wagon serves the ultimate purpose on date night with a centerfold.

Mark is two steps ahead of us all, before we know it, the bowl cut will be a thing, and stores will be sold out of white long sleeve t-shirts.  I’m just praying the fanny packs don’t catch on because I’m fairly certain if that day ever comes, it’ll be the end of us all.

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