Move along Goodell, nothing to see here!

Move along Goodell, nothing to see here!

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me a dozen times, you must be Aldon Smith (and no we’re not fooled).

On Monday, TMZ broke the plot of Aldon’s latest reality show.

Exactly one week after writing this (not really) hopeful post:

Aldon or All Done? Time for Smith to choose

Aldon’s latest example of how not to be a good human being.

*Note – Aldon was not arrested.  

It’s possible Smith is innocent and will not be implicated in this crime.  I’d love to give Smith the benefit of the doubt, but the one certainty in Aldon Smith’s life is continuation of finding himself in trouble.  If he turns out to be clean then we can breath a sigh of relief for a month  — when the next embarrassing episode sure to include at least two of his trademarks (drugs, alcohol, guns, violence, video’s, terror threats) should be due.

I’ll give Smith credit, he’s the DeNiro of versatile idiots.  Cursed with abundance of talent to compensate for lack of brain cells, it’s safe to assume the 9 games tallied as a Raider will be the extent of his career in silver and black – and probably the end of what would have been a hall of fame career otherwise.

Smith ensuring job security strong at TMZ

No laughing matter

Humor has been an effective coping mechanism I’ve turned to when negativity forces itself upon us.  Laughing at Smith’s woes doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t go out for the young man.  If he never plays another down of football, he can still find success in the much larger game of life .  It’s unlikely we ever see another sack from Aldon Smith, the bigger challenge, is keeping himself from getting sacked.  For a man who’s spent his football life terrorizing the opponent, beating himself will be tougher than any challenge he’s faced on a field.

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