Magic Act or Comedy Show?

Magic Act or Comedy Show?

I don’t know much about magic, but I do know a few things.

  • First, make sure to never put yourself in that box under the circular saw, assistants have a job to do, mainly ensuring you never get your guts cut in half.
  • Second, if live tigers are a part of the  show, make sure a team of snipers is loaded with tranq darts so you don’t end up a human cat treat ala Siegfred… or was it Roy?  Which one isnt important, one of those smug ass holes was eaten by a fucking tiger.  This isn’t child’s play!  Have you ever seen a tiger up close?
  • Lastly, if you’re ever stupid enough to make 650 million dollars disappear, you better be able to make it reappear.  There’s no magic trick less impressive than a torn up hundred dollar bill mended with scotch tape because some slapstick forgot to do the magic part.

If the Raiders pull this off, there should be a casino deal awaiting Davis as he moonlights as the newest Vegas attraction – Magic Mark.  David Blaine may be able to levitate, Copperfield can make the god damn Statue of Liberty disappear, but nothing we’ve ever seen can top the Raiders waving a wand at 650 million as it vanishes into mid air – only to be told it was just slight of hand, the money never left.

Like an episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit, Davis and Badain have left us all wondering what the hell is this trick?  Are they laughing behind the scenes, or is it all just an illusion?

Finally some important news

According to Steve Sisolak, courtesy of Fox 5 Las Vegas, the Raiders do in fact have the money lined up to bypass Sheldon Adelson and his 650 million dollar attempt to muscle into NFL ownership.

So far, Sisolak represents the closest direct line of communication (to Mark Davis) that we have.  The Clark County Commission Chair broke the news of the Raiders filing to relocate well before any other news or media outlet had reported it.  I have little doubt he’s repeating what he’s heard directly from Davis or Badain, but the real question is whether this episode will end with Penn screaming “Bullshit!”

What would the team gain by bluffing?

I have no idea, if anyone has a theory, I’d love to hear it.  Bluffing is fine if there’s an opportunity to toss in your cards and rake in the chips, but this isn’t poker, eventually Davis will be forced to show his hand.  There’s little reason to believe the Raiders can’t (or haven’t) found investors, in fact, there’s been little concern from league power brokers over that issue as well.


Falcons owner Arthur Blank believes removing Adelson from the equation improves the Raiders chances of moving.

This soap opera should come to a head by March 9 when the issue will be discussed in detail at the next Owner’s meeting.  Until then, there’ll be plenty of reports which contradict and cover all angles.

Can Sheldon Adelson knock out the foundation of this card house?

Can Oakland get anything together that the owners won’t laugh at?

Will San Diego continue it’s act as latest relocation whore city?

Can Mark Davis, 5 years into the job, come up with a billion dollars against house odds?

Doyle Brunson has nothing on Davis’s poker face.

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