Khalil Mack Sack

Khalil Mack and 30 Sacks

Earlier this week I had a rare opportunity to watch some afternoon TV.  Working from home offers many advantages, but my inner couch potato is held captive by the combination of our two little banshees and just enough work to keep me hostage until Dinner.

So I flipped it to NFL Live and as luck would have it, they spent a segment discussing the Raiders.  Merril Hoge (whom I’ve never cared for, but apparently he’s getting wiser with age), spoke glowingly of Khalil Mack.  Hoge called Mack the best draft pick in 15 years and didn’t laugh off Carr’s prediction of Khalil reaching 30 sacks this year (maybe not the brightest thing Derek has ever said).

With Osweiler now gone from the division, 30 sacks just isn’t realistic, but it got me thinking, could Mack currently be the most valuable player in the NFL?  Is there a player in the league we would trade Khalil Mack for?  Considering his age and rapid development, you could easily make the case that there’s not a single player you trade Mack for.  These types of fantasy discussions are always about quarterbacks, but out of non-QB position players, I have to imagine Khalil Mack would be the #1 selection by most teams if they had to choose.

The 2014 draft is going to go down as one of the great drafts in NFL history.  A class that includes Carr and Gabe Jackson would be enough to get most GM’s a contract extension, but throwing in a young pass rusher who could go down as one of the greats to ever play the game (if health permits), is the reason why the Raiders are no longer a circus sideshow act, this team is going to announce it’s presence in 2016, I have little doubt about that.


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