Jefferson movin on up, to the East Bay?

Jefferson movin on up, to the East Bay?

Filling in for the vacant beat writers this week is the impeccable DJ Homicide.  It’s never occurred to me until now, but I really need to change my fucking name.  I can never get players to answer my questions.  You just don’t turn down someone who goes by Homicide.  That’s gotta be my problem! Corleone isn’t bad, it’s got the whole mobster, godfather thing going, but just imagine getting a call from Nick Papercut!  How about, Mr. Stepping on a Lego?  Maybe, Corleone Canker Sore?

It’s a sad state of affairs when a Raiders fan has to depend on guys named Homicide for free agent news, but we take what we can get around here.

Initially the conversation starts with the hashtag that just won’t die:


Who dug up the 2014 time capsule?  Reminiscence of desperate times when Raider Nation nearly crashed the Twitter servers in effort to land an NFL caliber player.

Money yes, contenders yes…keep going please…

UPDATE: 2/20 (In response to a fan questionin, re: Tony’s favorite team growing up)


Reading between the lines, it looks like a done deal, Jefferson to the Raiders.  OK, not really, but as a big fan of what Jefferson brings to the table, I’ll take it.

The Raiders were in negotiations with Tony last year, but his restricted status made things complicated.  Any long term deal within reason would have been matched by Arizona(and not something that would favor the player), the Raiders ultimately decided to let him play out the one year restricted offer, while turning to Reggie Nelson to fill the void left by Woodson’s retirement.

2016 did nothing but ensure Jefferson will get the big contract he deserves.  Fortunately, a deal may be more likely in 2017 without the restrictions faced a year ago.  As unrestricted free agent, the choice is his, but like any young player, he needs to lock up financial security.  There is no doubt, he’s thought about the silver and black for quite some time, but whether we’re a match this year is quite the unknown.

I have little doubt that Jefferson could improve our secondary, despite Reggie Nelson’s propensity to come up with the football, Jefferson is on a whole new plane.

His ability to lend support in the run game is such a dynamic ability in an AFC West that features Andy Reid’s beloved dink n’ dunk offense.

Then there’s the fact that Jefferson just turned 25 years old, is yet to enter his prime, and paired with Karl Joseph, the safety position could then be ignored the next five years.

Now, for the bad news – it’s probably pretty damn unlikely.  We’re looking at around 8 million’ish per season if we want to get into the Jefferson derby.  With work to do locking up Carr (and Mack not long after), I could see a few free agents added, but have to imagine we take advantage of another affordable year of Nelson opposite Joseph.  The smart money is on another draft pick invested at safety.

So, while Jefferson is the player I’d love to see added to this young roster chock full of talent, I think the more likely scenario is one that suddenly seems much less exciting than it did 3 years ago.

#DJaxToOakland anyone?

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