In Karl Joseph, the Raiders could hit the trifecta

In Karl Joseph, the Raiders could hit the trifecta

Amidst the strange draft day hoopla which has morphed into a strange version of Comic Con meets the Kardashians, it was a bit of a surprise when the commissioner called the name of Karl Joseph during the Raiders selection.  The horrific TV coverage didn’t help — Zeke Elliotts crop top, dizzy camera shots aimed down at glitter covered loafers while ESPN feels it necessary to poll the room regarding what they’ll buy first(as if it’s news, poor inner city kids want to buy a new car and a house for mom).

Following the red carpet debacle, Laremy Tunsil decided he could top it all with one 30 second video (and apparently he wasn’t satisfied at that, so Tunsil kept it going through the PC where he announced he was paid under the table).  Following this sideshow was difficult enough sober, but if you happened to be drinking a few after a day at work, then just forget about it.  In all it’s infinite success the NFL has failed to realize that viewers aren’t just a watermelon in a Gallagher show, you need to give us a secret word or something so we can brace ourselves, or at least call in the wives to explain what this drama really means.

At pick number 14, Karl Joseph became the newest Raider but where the hell was he?  He wasn’t in that VIP room was he?  If he was hanging with Nkemdiche then we’re going to be regretting this pick, what an awful day this was turning out to be…but alas, this was a Reggie McKenzie pick, so all doubts should be erased.  Soon a (gas mask-less)video surfaced of Joseph thanking the Raiders organization from Haiti, while back flipping with delight at joining the Silver and Black.  All is well in Oakland.  While the rest of the kids were going through the motions, the Raiders had drafted a man smart enough to skip out on this circus sideshow.

So what exactly do the Raiders have in Karl Joseph?  Apparently, something pretty damn good.

In 2014 it was Khalil Mack.  In 2015, Amari Cooper.  If Brian Dawkins is right (and who should know better about Brian Dawkins than Brian Dawkins?), then 2016 may just be enough to catapult the Raiders to the next level (for many years to come).

For all Raiders fans who suffered during the decade of despair, your time has come.  The Raiders are about to return to glory.

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