Don’t fall for the Greg Hardy to Raiders clickbait

Don’t fall for the Greg Hardy to Raiders clickbait

Every offseason sees desperate writers throw shit against the wall in a pathetic attempt to get a few clicks. Recently as I was perusing through some Raiders articles, I saw one that naturally slapped me in the face while wondering who could be high enough to believe such nonsense?

Oakland Raiders Tagged As Top Landing Spot For Controversial Pass Rusher
by Erik Lambert

It cites an article by ProFootballRumors Dallas Robinson as why the Raiders are the perfect fit for the psychotic Hardy (who’s true perfect fit should probably be an insane asylum).

From Robinson:

Oakland Raiders— After ranking in the middle of the pack in most defensive statistics in 2016, the Raiders spent most of the offseason upgrading its unit, inking Bruce Irvin, Aldon Smith, Sean Smith, and Reggie Nelson while using a first-round pick on safety Karl Joseph. Hardy could be the final piece on Oakland’s front seven, helping out at end on early downs before sliding inside on passing downs. A team on the rise like the Raiders might risk the public relations backlash that will come with signing Hardy in order to add a talent that could push them over the top. However, it should be noted that owner Mark Davis has been very vocal about domestic abuse and has said that he has “zero tolerance” for it.

Now in 2015, these same types of headlines made the round, even as far as some Huffington Post wannabe insider claiming it was over 50% likely to happen.  While it’s true the Raiders have taken some chances lately (Aldon Smith most notably), the line in the sand was clearly drawn at Greg Hardy.  Any attempt to label the Raiders as interested, or “top landing spot”, should be quickly bypassed in favor of Bill Williamson’s re-worded plagiarism or Scott Bair’s update on what happened last week.

As far as PFR’s, Dallas Robinson, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that Dallas endorses this idea.

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