Derek Carr and the Revenge of the Nerds

Derek Carr and the Revenge of the Nerds

In a stunning display of unity, nerds from around the internet struck a collective bond yesterday when Derek Carr sent out a motivational tweet of encouragement.  Derek’s message:  If you work hard enough, you can achieve your dreams.

How dare anyone try to instill the importance of work ethic in today’s youth!  As if a beacon was sent out from Magic the Gathering headquarters, twitter was quickly inundated with the outrage of girlfriend-less geeks seizing the moment to fight back for the mightiest of causes.

Let’s get this straight, this isn’t about Derek Carr, this is about a much greater injustice.  Carr represents all the 9th grade wedgies, all the lonely high school dances missed out on.  Flashbacks of wet willies, flat tires, and gym class towel snaps – there is no wrath like a dork with pent up rage.

Now I’m not sure what article or news piece Derek was referencing, and I imagine he probably didn’t pay much attention to it.  At first glance it seems like a heart warming tale of a kid who collected some cans – driven by motivation to work towards his dream.  I’m a little like Carr, I’m not going to take the time to really consume the magnitude of what 10k in recycled cans would really look like because if I did, I’d quickly realize that it’s impossible for a 7 year old.  I really don’t think Carr even gave a shit about whether it was true or not, the message is an important one, we all should have that desire to better ourselves through hard work and determination.

Amazing how tough cowards become behind the safety of a computer screen.

If you’re lazy and poor, it might not be a bad idea Matt.

Jerry’s bio says he loves tacos.  I think it’s safe to assume Jerry didn’t get many scholarship offers.

OK, Derek, might as well spell it out for these mouth breathers.

Take a knee Derek, you don’t speak their language.

No clarinet practice today Anthony?

Start working on those Madden skills bro, one day your dream could come true.

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