Deep Thoughts From Shallow Minds

Deep Thoughts From Shallow Minds

This weeks installment of “Deep Thoughts” comes to us via 95.7 flunky (and current basement podcast super star), Bay Area’s finest (and just slightly biased) John Middlekauff.

The ex-scout (emphasis on ex-), with less brain cells than hair follicles, thinks Seal Team 6 is a half dozen well trained Sea Lions.

Pay attention in school kids.

Math homework is a waste of time without a checkbook to balance.

The fortune earned in this career isn’t green colored paper, it’s the self gratification from Mom and Dad’s basement.  There is no price on the value of narcissistic self worth.

Just a typo, he gets the benefit of the doubt, we’ve all made careless errors.

Or not.


Gotta respect his fight on this one.

John’s not quitting until the fucking math books are changed.

The beauty of social media is that any reality can be true if position’s defended vigorously without surrender.

John, you just keep arguing that Mark Davis is a poor dumb owner.  Just as the simple math solution eludes you, sometimes the obvious answers, are the ones so difficult to see.

Jed York – 2

Mark Davis – 12

See John, that’s a math lesson.


12 is greater than 2.



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