Can the good 2016 Raiders balance the bad Directv Feng Shui?

Can the good 2016 Raiders balance the bad Directv Feng Shui?

Last night I got comfortable in bed and fired up the DVR to watch the preseason week 1 Raiders vs Cardinals. Having been out of town the last week, I was forced to record and wait til getting home to watch our first glimpse of the 2016 Raiders. To my horror (and not much surprise), the DVR remembered that it was a directv product and therefore unwatchable quality skipping worse than the scratched up Use Your Illusion CD that I bought 25 years ago and now has become the coolest coaster on my desk.

So between 5 second skips each play, and play by play punishment of Beth Mowens, who gives flashbacks of getting driven home by Mom after a suspension from school; it’s making me feel awfully swell about forking over another 300 bucks to directv who’s got all football fans wrapped around their finger if they want to watch their non-local teams this season. Of course you could go the route of faking a cancellation in order to get the freebie offer (plus 30 dollar/mo discount, plus 200 gift card) but you didn’t hear that from me…I would never do that to a company which offers such a wonderful product…

Alas, I am a Raiders fan, which means I could enjoy watching a win sitting on burning coals, eating raw oysters, with Rosie O’Donnell on my lap. The Cardinals game was pretty much what I was hoping to see (minus a few drops and unfortunate injury which I’ll get to). I’ll spare the evaulation of last weeks game because nobody cares about that anymore, it’s on to week 2 of the 4 game meaningless mini-season, sans 10 players who’s futures and livelyhood are on the line.

On to Green Bay, a team which also realizes these games can do more harm than good if you’re not careful:

Wouldn’t be too sad if we went the same route with a few of our stars, and expect that at most they might see a series or two. Next week we should see more action from the first team as a tune-up to get ready for New Orleans.

Speaking of which:

That makes up for this little bit I suppose:

Sounds like MEJ could miss a game or two, not the best of news but at least major crisis averted, as long as it’s not his neck or spine he’s got a chance.

3 more games of this preseason, let’s just get out of it with a healthy team and it’ll be a sucessful one.

Enjoy the game tonight, should be a decent matchup between two GM’s who seem as good as any at filling 2nd/3rd team depth. My biggest worry tonight is whether Directv can keep up with Mack, Carr and crew (not holding my breath for that one).

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