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Prince Amukamara definitely not headed to Oakland

UPDATE – 3/10 Amukamara as expected, signs with a team other than the Raiders.   Ever check your twitter mentions and see a notification from a 6 month old tweet? You find it’s a like from a half naked, sex thirsty, Russian model with a bio advertising she’s “looking for the right man”. I get a few a week,…


Can Oakland’s Defense stop Adrian Peterson?

Today the Vikings chose to decline the 2017 option on Adrian Peterson, officially making the future hall of fame RB a free agent. Of course, every team is interested in an Adrian Peterson type of player, I wouldn’t have bothered with this if it had been from any local bay area hack. Since it’s not: Someone close…


A Lott to think about

This week, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf doubled down on her stance regarding (lack of) any public subsidy towards an Oakland Raiders stadium. “I am willing to lose this team if public money is the issue,” The position is understandable, but it’s not a common one.  If a “how to lose an NFL team” handbook existed,…


Magic Act or Comedy Show?

I don’t know much about magic, but I do know a few things. First, make sure to never put yourself in that box under the circular saw, assistants have a job to do, mainly ensuring you never get your guts cut in half. Second, if live tigers are a part of the  show, make sure…


Runaway Tay Train

On Sunday, Raiders fans received a glimpse into the future when impending free agent Latavius Murray bid farewell to Raider Nation. Sure, it’s possible Murray was just there to innocently work out with Wentz. Perhaps he prefers to runs routes (on wet grass) in sneakers? View this post on Instagram "im just here to help" A post…