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Raiders use cheat code, select god mode safety

Heading into the 2016 draft, the Raiders had just a few needs that needed to be filled.  There’s the perpetual argument of BPA vs Need (in which I’m usually on the need side), but whichever side of the fence you reside, we all hoped to see an ILB and DT drafted.  There was one other…


Signing Zamora means he probably makes the team

With the draft now behind us, we officially kick off the dreaded May-July portion of the offseason, otherwise known as the period of time where we question our sanity for still caring about the NFL. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, I’m fucking writing a blog post, there’s a reason the league can charge…


Reggie McKenzie was made for this job

I’ve been accused of being a homer at times, rightfully so, I’ll never be confused with an unbiased observer, but in this unique circumstance, I foresaw what I thought (and hoped) would happen. Let me explain my rationale for why we knocked it out of the park Thursday and Friday. Reggie operates under the Ron…


Raiders sign Patterson, is Peterson next?

Monday night, the Raiders signed All-Pro kick returner (slash WR, slash RB, slash gunner, slash WMD) Cardel make that, Cordarrelle Patterson to a two year deal which can be voided into a one year deal.  The terms of the contract are unclear, but one certainty is that it was on a bargain level low enough to…


McKenzie’s Master Plan

For years, Raiders fans have been dreading the moment that Reggie McKenzie would enter into the mind numbing “Green Bay mode”.  It’s not that it’s a bad plan, just boring (as a McKenzie interview) watching other teams make moves while ours is sitting on it’s hands, waiting for the draft. For those who don’t follow the…