Another Florida Voting Controversy

Another Florida Voting Controversy

The latest NFL publicity stunt to maintain year round headline dominance is their annual Top 100 list (supposedly voted on by the players). The Raiders fan base has followed the natural evolution of craving offseason accolades to counterbalance the inevitable disappointment of what’s about to occur come September (although we feel this year could finally change that).

Many Raiders fans were thrilled to see Derek Carr in the top 100 for the first time in his young career, that is until the stunning news that Blake Bortles was placed 44 spots ahead of DC at #56.

I’m not sure which players Mulugheta represents, but I’m guessing it’s nobody on the Jags, we know they voted.  Maybe it was the classic case of a Florida miscount?

I’m probably being a bit hard on Blake, he’s a fine young QB, but let’s look at the breakdown statistically.

Screenshot (114)

Carr also exceeded Bortles in wins, while playing a tougher schedule.

The NFL is such a curious example of doing everything wrong, while results show everything is right.  Here I am writing about a top 100 list while calling the voting process stupid, maybe I’m the one who should look in the mirror on this one?

Congrats Blake, come October 23, we’ll see how accurate this list really is, and whether Khalil Mack not being #1 is the biggest injustice.



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