Aldon or All Done? Time for Smith to choose

Aldon or All Done? Time for Smith to choose

The Raiders got some interesting news on Super Bowl Sunday.  Normally news that involves a bowl and Aldon Smith, isn’t what you’re hoping to hear, but this wasn’t of the self incriminating variety.  According to Ian Rapoport, the Raiders Aldon Smith could soon be back in the fold.

Released by the 49ers in 2015, the Raiders took the chance on the talented pass rusher who once had 19.5 sacks in a season.

It seems like a lifetime ago, Aldon and the 49ers were stacking win after win, a tough break away from adding a sixth Lombardy to Jed’s trophy case.  Hard to believe that even after missing the last year and a half, Smith is just a year older than young Khalil Mack.

Quite the pickup for the Raiders.  Excitement blowing in the Autumn Wind.

Aldon Smith, a player with more talent in his little (blunt holding) finger than most players could ever dream.

What are the Raiders getting in Aldon Smith?

Hall of Fame potential that could go up in smoke (quite literally), with just one more mistake.

Let’s just pretend Aldon Smith has matured beyond his prior stunted mental adolescence.  A focused Aldon Smith could be the difference maker for a team that already features the best defensive player on the planet.  On a rotational basis with Bruce Irvin, you’d have QB’s dizzy trying to keep track of the outside rush. Under John Pagano, a 3-4 look was going to be prominent in 2017, with Aldon Smith, that’s as sure a bet as taking the over in last nights Super Bowl.  I’d expect Irvin to move inside and fill a role similar to the one Clay Matthews played in 2015.  It may make for a less effective Irvin, but overall, it maximizes the talent on the roster, and with a bit of creativity, we could easily see Irvin spending plenty of time in his preferred assignment of coming off the edge.  Add a healthy Mario Edwards Jr, and it’s safe to say you won’t soon see the Raiders anywhere near the bottom of the sack column again.

The next suspension could be his last.

Now, it’s time to temper the excitement because despite Smith’s ability to rush a quarterback, he’s every bit as dominant at being dim-witted.  You’re talking a guy who thought it funny to proclaim he had a bomb – in an airport!

An imbecile who video taped himself on periscope (while already under league suspension), smoking a blunt while believing he’d be safe because they wouldn’t know it was Aldon Smith.  That might be ok, if he didn’t actually say the words”they won’t know this is Aldon Smith”!

A bonehead so clueless, after leaving the scene of an alleged hit and run, he showed back up to speak to police – with alcohol on his breath!

We’ve all got demons.

Well, unless you’re Derek Carr or Khalil Mack.

If Smith can get his act together, he’d be embraced and loved.  No fan base better appreciates it’s cast-off’s and unwanted rejects.  Lyle Alzado would have been loved nowhere more than Raider Nation.  The Tooz, Snake, Assassin, Romo, we love our outlaws, but if you can’t lace em up, you can’t help us.  If we can’t celebrate a quarterback digging pieces of grass out of his face mask, then we don’t give a shit about your problems.  We stand for one thing which can be summed up in 3 words:  Just win baby!

If Aldon can find the strength to be a part of this resurrection, he could find himself forever a part of football lore.  He’d be celebrated long after his playing days.  Suck it up now and you’ll have the rest of your life to roll blunts while watching A Football Life – the Aldon Smith edition.  A permanent seat in Mark Davis’s owners box, where anything goes and no judgement of lifestyles are made.  If Aldon ruins this opportunity, it’d be the most foolish thing he’s ever done in his life, and that’s saying something.


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