A parallel universe where the Raiders don’t exist?

A parallel universe where the Raiders don’t exist?

This morning I woke up in an alternate universe where cats chase dogs, the ocean is red, and apparently the great Ken Stabler… never a Raider.


I’ve never had the pleasure to visit Canton, so I can’t say for sure,  perhaps there is an overflow section which serves as a storage unit?  Maybe the NFL realized how great an injustice they did (by keeping the Snake out of the hall all these years) and decided he deserved two display cases (and the other is packed full of silver and black as should be expected)?  Is it possible that Rovell visited the wrong hall of fame and took a left to the Hall of Shame which celebrates Namath with the Rams, Emmitt with the Cardinals, and Montana with the Chiefs?

Is there any possible angle that I’ve missed in this morning haze of confusion?   Is it possible the Al Davis conspiracy theories have continued into his afterlife?  Ken Stabler was not only a Raider, he was the Raiders.  In my life of following this team, I can’t even count the number of fans who have told me they became a Raiders fan because of the Snake.  He embodied all that this franchise has ever stood for.  Just Win Baby was another way of saying “Snake, there’s 2:00 left, here’s the ball”.


What possible explanation could the league have for this?

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