60 percent of the time, I’m right every time

60 percent of the time, I’m right every time

Every once in a while, the deep seeded cynic inside me takes over.  It’s the much stronger part of my being and once it begins to emerge, there’s no holding it back.

Last week I wrote about the bullshit letter acquired by San Diego AM sports station,  Mighty 1090 host, Scott Kaplan.

The letter contained promises of a privately funded stadium in San Diego, led by a powerful businessman with deep political ties and wherewithal to develop a project of this magnitude.

Here’s the audio of that segment:



Of course, I called BS on it.

Sounds promising until you sift through the bullshit.

Why would this businessman need to be anonymous?

Why would he send a letter to an AM station and not to Davis or Badain directly?  Anyone with clout to put hundreds of millions together, should easily have the connections to get a phone call or meeting with the Raiders.



No biggie, crow is an acquired taste that my palette can appreciate.

As it turns out, that mystery businessman does in fact exist, he is Doug Manchester, former owner of the San Diego Union Tribune.

Puts a new perspective on the points that were outlined in that letter.


“Our group will provide the funds previously allocated to be provided by the City of San Diego and guarantee the stadium’s expeditious construction,” the letter says. “Accordingly, this project will not require voter approval.”

The letter also said the group would provide “new state of the art scoreboards and upgrade Qualcomm Stadium while the new stadium is being constructed.”

It’s still quite the long shot, Manchester has money, but less than Mark Davis (who’s considered “poor” by NFL standards).  Granted, Manchester may have deep enough connections to make a deal happen, but as we’ve seen with Sheldon Adelson, rich folks paying for a stadium, tend to want things in return.  Anyone who claims to be a businessman, would by definition expect a healthy ROI on a billion dollars.  It’s possible this venture could gain some traction if Las Vegas folds next month, but until shovel hits dirt, there will be no shortage of rich folks using this opportunity to gain free publicity.  Only a matter of time until San Antonio throws it’s name back into the ring.  Until then – stay classy San Diego.


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