24 votes away from Las Vegas Raiders

24 votes away from Las Vegas Raiders

This morning the least surprising relocation application in the history of the NFL was filed by the Raiders to move to Las Vegas.

All that’s left now is 24 votes to approve, which should occur at the March 24 owners meeting.

Barring a shocker (and no, nothing like Carson), time to start getting used to saying “Las Vegas Raiders”.  Rolls off the tongue like a cheap Bloody Mary after a night of casino hopping.

It’s been a good run Oakland, but to stop this is going to take a run at the craps table that would impress even Billy Walters.

Ronnie Lott once cut off his finger to play in a game.  It may now take 9 fingers from 9 owners to prevent a Sin City exodus.  If that’s the route Lott takes, I’m sure a few Bay Area locals are hoping he starts with a certain owner named Mark.  For the record, I’m impressed with the work Mark’s done to get to this point, but it’s quite understandable that many aren’t as appreciative.

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