Monthly Archives: July 2016


In Karl Joseph, the Raiders could hit the trifecta

Amidst the strange draft day hoopla which has morphed into a strange version of Comic Con meets the Kardashians, it was a bit of a surprise when the commissioner called the name of Karl Joseph during the Raiders selection.  The horrific TV coverage didn’t help — Zeke Elliotts crop top, dizzy camera shots aimed down at glitter covered loafers while ESPN feels it…


4 more years of Reggie McKenzie is a wonderful thing.

Last night we got tucked into bed with the report that Mark Davis had announced Reggie McKenzie signing a 4 year extension. I just introduced #Raiders owner Mark Davis in Napa as he extended Reggie McKenzie's 4 years on his existing contract. Huge moment! #NFL — JT The Brick (@JTTheBrick) July 30, 2016 Unless you…


Writer vs Vlogger in a showdown for the ages

In the red corner, a writer whose daily training regimen of battling the Oakland natives has him well prepared for this bout.  Traveling all the way from Los Angeles, representing the LA Daily News: Vincent “Always Persistent” Bonsignore. In the blue corner, a man so innovative he had to make up a word a describe…